Mags (ubermags) wrote in interlochencamp,

friends for a first timer?

OK, so, I'm going to the 3 week musical theatre workshop!!!! and of course i am sooo excited!!


I have this really irrational fear and anxiety that I will not make any friends and just be an awkward LOSER! and have it ruin my one summer at Interlochen.
As you can see it's my first time, and although I'm not *shy*, I've just had some really bad experiences with summer camps!!

So what are the chances of being "the one loner girl"?? I mean I talk to people and stuff and I'm fun but like....GAH! I'm so ANXIOUS about this!!

so somebody calm my nerves?? this is my one and only stress about camp right now.....
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Interlochen's not your usual summer camp. Trust me, you'll make friends. I went four years ago for my first summer and I just got off the phone with my old bunkmate, actually.

Most of the people that go there know absolutely no one and are just as scared, only to find that when they leave they have remarkably amazing friends. I was painfully shy and had the same fear as you going there, but I found I made friends really quickly. Just be yourself and you'll do fine.

Congratulations on getting in and I hope you'll have an amazing summer in such an amazing place.:)
I was actually in the 3 week workshop once upon a time. As a MT workshop member you'll spend a lot of time as an ensemble. It's impossible not to bond with the other workshop kids! Just remember to breathe and understand that everyone else wants to make friends too.
I was terrified about making friends my first summer at camp and because of this fear I didn't put myself out there and didn't make any friends for the first week. Eventually I began to bond with the other kids in my concentration, though, and they are still some of the best friends I have today.
Your chances of not making friends are slim to none.
Remember, most people there will be like you; in fact, everyone there has a great appreciation for the arts. That in itself will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Have fun !! :)


June 18 2008, 18:37:15 UTC 8 years ago going this summer too for mt workshop...
what session are u going?