cprhcpdispatch (cprhcpdispatch) wrote in interlochencamp,

questions about admission

hi, i'm a freshman working on an audition to the summer 2008 jazz program. i just have a few questions about admission.

first, what is the acceptance rate for that program? does it go by instrument? if so, what are they for each drums, piano, and trumpet?

second, does anyone have any suggestions for the audition tape? is there anything specific they look for? (mainly for drums)

third, i know that you have to send in an audition tape, but is there also an application? if so, whats on it/what do they ask for?

finally, i'm also interested in the music composition program. it seems very interesting, but they don't have the best description on the website. does anyone know more about this program? what do they look for in that audition?

thanks soo much!!

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