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After two happy summers each at Interlochen, my brother and I are no longer returning. I was cleaning my room today, and I found the bin full of our uniforms. I'm going into college in the fall and could use some cash, so I figured I'd try and sell what I have to summer of '07 campers.

This is sort of a weird list, but here we go anyway.

- 8 pairs of 36” waist 100% cotton navy blue boys shorts from Scholarshop. Regulation belt loops plus cargo pockets.

- 1 medium unisex Interlochen white polo (with logo) from Scholarshop. Hardly ever worn.

- 3 pairs size 14 (more like a 12) liz Claiborne 100% cotton wrinkle free womens shorts (meet Interlochen female shorts regulation). You can cuff the legs to make them shorter, which is nice if you want to look "Interlochen chic".

- 2 pairs size 12 short leg (more like a 10) Liz Claiborne 100% cotton wrinkle free navy blue pants.

What we're selling is only what was in really good condition. To be super honest they do have some minimal fading from the good ol' Interlochen laundry, but you'll look the same as everyone else, trust me. The clothes look good enough to wear in everyday life, but we can't 'cause they're uniforms and that might be strange :) If you're interested, leave me a comment and I can take some pictures for you.

Thanks guys! I hope everyone has a terrific summer.
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