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Audition help.

Hi! My name is Jess and I'm a junior. I really want to apply to Interlochen for the HS musical theatre production- I know it's very selective, but I can never find any programs that actually put on productions during the summer. I am admittedly very nervous about submitting an audition tape, so I was hoping to try and clear some things up before I went through with it. For my upbeat song, I was thinking of doing "Here I Am" from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels- I've always felt very comfortable with that piece and I know it's a good choice for my voice (no rhyme intended), but do you think the song itself is a suitable audition piece? I still don't know what to do for the ballad- I was thinking maybe "I'll Know" from Guys & Dolls, but I really haven't thought about it yet. Also, should I get someone to play the piano for me and not do it a capella?

Anyway, the monologue is really what kills me- I can never find any. Should I take one from a play, or from a monologue/audition book? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also not sure if it should be comedic or dramatic... Personally, I do better with comedic monologues, but if it's not the best choice I'd rather do a dramatic one.

Lastly, I pretty much suck at dancing. I can do all right with choreographed dancing, but I'm really not very flexible. The only thing I know is a little bit of tap- really not much. I know how to do shuffles and falaps and stuff, and I can do a time step with practice. Should I even bother with the dancing part?

Thanks for anyone who can help me out :).

- Jess
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